My Tools for Success

Let’s be honest …. I didn’t know anything about having an online presence when I first started….

I’m considered a digital native and I’m naturally curious so I had the confidence I could figure it out.

Except for 140 Twitter Tips for Educators, I couldn’t find any specific details about creating an online educator presence. Through trial and error, I think I’ve figured out a viable and somewhat sustainable method.

Here are the tools  I use (in somewhat of chronological order):


I use the Individual Plan with my Twitter Account. I can have up to 10 queued tweets.  When I have more social media accounts and more content, I’ll probably upgrade to the Awesome Plan.

This is by far my favorite tool and I got it at the suggestion of 140 Twitter Tips for Educators. According to its own website, you can “create consistent, effective, and inexpensive graphic designs.” AND IT’S SO TRUE. In the age of sharing, it’s important to capture attention to cultivate interest. I’ve had a ton of fun playing around with it because I’ve never considered myself to be artistic and they make it hard to fail. I picked a brand color based on a branding color wheel like the one found in this fascinating article about the real psychology of color. and then created my own logo on Canva using a template and my own ideas. I was also able add a brand color palette! Just love love love.