Real-Time Reflections

I have more than a handful of preps and a unique situation with a self-contained autism class and students that come through out the day called “Friends of Autism”. Not only that, but I’m a first year teacher in a new town. I’ve only recently discovered the power of a PLN through Twitter so I decided why not harness that power more efficiently??

I’d like to try getting real-time feedback on my lesson plans and comments about my real-time reflections. I assigned the #RTR to real-time reflections for not only obvious reasons, but it pays homage to my alma mater, THE University of Alabama. Roll Tide Roll!

See the projects below that I’ve decided to highlight. Feel free to use my lessons, ideas or resources (and cite their original owners) and/or give me feedback via comments or @LREJubilee on Twitter.

At one time or another, we’ve all been new and we’ve all bitten off more than we can chew. I’m undoubtedly both so any feedback you could give would be indispensable!


#RTR: Independent Study

Context I have 6 male students with autism who also have speech and language impairments. About half have intellectual disability. My class is self-contained, that is my students only leave my classroom for lunch and P.E. I also have the luxury of two paraprofessionals assigned to my students at all times. Periodically, I have students … Continue reading #RTR: Independent Study