Welcome to LRE Jubilee!

My name is Elizabeth and I’m a first year teacher of middle school students with autism and intellectual disabilities in the deep south. I adore my students, my job, my paras and, believe it or not, my job requirements. I also LOVE PD. My professional fire burns brighter with every collaborative exchange and I spend a lot of my free time pursuing the answers to my queries via the internet.

But sometimes I can’t quite find the answers for which I’m looking. It’s not because they’re not out there and it’s definitely not from a lack of willing advisors in other positions. My theory is that we, the teachers of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, are so used to being isolated and/or misfits within the school environment that we forget there’s a world of colleagues just like us with whom we can connect and collaborate.

I started this blog because I want to be part of a connected and empowered network of special ed teachers. I called it LRE Jubilee because I believe we should be uplifting the most crucial part of a student’s least restrictive environment (LRE): the special ed teacher! It’s my sincere hope that sharing my thoughts and reflections will support, nurture, inspire, empower and CELEBRATE those teachers.