I’ve got the power!

I’m taking on quite a few projects in my second semester of my first year teaching. I’m taking on an independent study student in a “critical thinking” class, an inclusive service learning class, and my very first project based learning unit on top of my 5 different preps for my  self-contained homeroom of 6 middle-school aged boys who have autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability.

When I was reflecting on the day and my to-do list, I thought that sounded heavy. But I made every decision to take on these projects because I want to be a better teacher. But why did I suddenly decided to take on these things? Well…

After writing my first blog, I realized I had the power to call myself to action.

I have seemingly boundless energy. My creative juices won’t stop flowing. I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THINGS. I don’t have to wait on someone else to do it!

So, I want to share these experiences, reflect on these experience and most importantly get constructive FEEDBACK on these experiences. Of course my writing will be inherently biased because I’m partial to my ideas and perspectives, but I will try to write the facts and not the fiction I want to create. I’m ready to take on these projects knowing that I have a whole network of innovative, dedicated and deeply empathetic educators behind me.

Stay tuned for my real-time reflections on these projects.


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