4 Tips to Mitigate the Risk of Implementing Innovation

I'm a first year teacher at a school in a rural district. I teach a self-contained special education class for students with autism and intellectual disability. So naturally, I dove right into creating a Twitter PLN and starting a blog as well this year. Then, I signed up for the #IMMOOC and I impulsively bought … Continue reading 4 Tips to Mitigate the Risk of Implementing Innovation

Teachers are people too.

This post is my response to a blog that AJ Juliani shared about teachers and leaders who are overwhelmed and undervalued. You can read or comment on his original post here. I recently did an interview discussing what's it's like for me as a first year teacher. When asked what I still wanted to learn … Continue reading Teachers are people too.

Special Educators: The OG Innovators

Let me set the scene: I'm a special educator. Not a resource, inclusion, RTI, MTSS, consulting special educator. I'm a self-contained, furthest-portable-in-the-back special educator. My class is different than the other classes in our middle school. My students don't switch classes (except go to PE) because the IEP team decided that's my students' least restrictive environment. … Continue reading Special Educators: The OG Innovators